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INFILTRATOR is a real-time tracking system has been launched as a unique and innovative technology that is only available to the government, intelligence agencies, national security agencies, homeland security and the military sectors.

It is a strategic solution that infiltrates and is undetected and unknown by the network, carrier, or the target. INFILTRATOR can locate and track any phone number in the world. The front-end of the system suite INFILTRATOR is an Advanced Location Tracking and Mobile Information & Deception System that is accurate and provides locations in seconds.

The INFILTRATOR is a dynamic strategic technology for collecting, analyzing, locating and tracking the status of any mobile user status & location. The INFILTRATOR global LBS geolocation gives a real-time mapping of the location and the movement of target(s) or suspects(s).

Other enhanced module features available as options for INFILTRATOR, include and are not limited to, the capability to simultaneously jam incoming & outgoing calls, the interception and manipulation of incoming & outgoing SMS in real-time. In addition, the ability to set geo-fencing parameters to monitor the close proximity of other targeted handset(s) within the range of the target(s) or suspects(s) being tracked.



INFILTRATOR is simple to use, just by entering the mobile phone number MSDIN, and that is all, with no IMSI or IMEI required to track the mobile phone(s). Most importantly, INFILTRATOR is a robust VPN based system that can be accessed from any operating system or mobile device remotely anywhere in the world.

We provide worlwide support in the event of any emergency at all.

In this day and age, we are plagued by terrorists, militias, espionage, moles and/or double agents, criminals, drug cartels, kidnappers, and corrupt law enforcement.

Reality is, this is now a fact of life.

What is the solution?

INFILTRATOR real-time global tracking that enables the end-user to monitor the targeted individual(s) activities and collect geo-location data to profile the subject(s) pattern of life and habits. This allows one too to derive to a plan of action or a motion for a warrant for further surveillance, investigation, apprehension, or decommissioning.

The system can be installed and live on premise or off-site in as little time of only 7 days.